Turn the FAILURE into SUCCESS Success


Life is constructed to give us an everyday obstacles. Obstacles that everyone have to cope with in the name of the progress: his own and society’s. The difficulties we found on our life path are very different. That’s why people must have a lot of different character features to overcome them and get the permission to call themselves : SUCCESSFUL.

However, the hardness of our life maybe actually make it so interesting and so unpredictable. It “makes” everything possible to bring us on to improving. Maybe this won’t be the same if the life don’t give us such difficult obstacles that will look insurmountable at first. This on other hand will make us try something different, something new, something unexpected, something great that will lead to upsurge.

Nobody says that every obstacle must be overcome with the first try. Many people crash on their road to success and great achievements but this doesn’t make them weak and undeveloped. This only shows the society who is really strong. The greatest people are not those who inherit a perfectly developed life and just live it with honest. The greatest people are this who hustle to build the perfect life.

This struggle on the other side will lead to some failures as I said earlier. But if you try to think more profound, I’m sure that you will realize that the failure has actually more positive than negative effect. We are constructed in a way that sometimes requires a failure to bring out our best. The failure also raise some new ideas and fill us with ambition to be better and better. This actually lead to success at the end. So I think it is true that the failure must be used in our advantage. If we manage to do this we will be able to find the way to success and walk it through the end.

When some person know about the enormous difficulties he had overcome and the failures he had surmounted he knows actually how good is to reach the “PEAK”. Only in this way he will be satisfied at all.

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